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Head Soccer Unblocked – Play It Now for Free!

Remember the early 2000 and the amazing websites that offered extremely fun flash games? Some of these games are still available today and you can enjoy them on various websites. One of the most famous and intense sports games ever is Head Soccer Unblocked. Yes, it’s that game where you play football with giant heads. Rings a bell? Keep reading if you’d like to learn more about this game and how to play it for free from any location. 


Head Soccer Unblocked is a game by the UK based website Mousebreaker. That’s one of the first ever websites for casual games. It’s known for publishing sports games, mostly football games. The site was founded by Richard Pendry and Alick Stott as a hobby. One of the first games they created was a simple penalty shoot game. They mainly created sports games and the site became very popular with casual game players with over 4,500,000 users per month. Spill Games bought Mousebreaker in 2016. Some of their most famous games are Blast Billiards, Flash Cricket, and Camper Strike.






Head Soccer Unblocked | Play Sports Heads: Soccer Game Online

The site has also created the well-known football heads game. You’ve probably heard and even played big head soccer before. It’s a two player game where you play soccer with a big headed player that has one foot. Each player can choose from a list of heads and choose their player. You can also choose the pitch and the play type. There are different options for pitch obstacles that make the game a bit tougher and much more amusing for the players.

The goals are also customizable – you can choose from small, regular or big. The first player to reach a certain number of goals (usually seven) is the winner. You control the player with the arrow keys and use the spacebar to shoot. The thing that makes this game stand out is the different power-ups that go off throughout the play. They activated either when hitting with the ball or when hit with the big-headed player. Sometimes the head shrinks and the player has difficulties manipulating the ball and keeping the other player from scoring. Another effect is when one of the players freezes for a few seconds and makes it much easier for the other player to score a goal. The game is extremely fun and lots of laughs are guaranteed while playing. 

Some places, schools, for example, have the site and similar sites blocked from their servers. The game is available on different websites, some even offer head soccer unblocked. This means that you are able to play football heads unblocked anytime and anywhere. To get the unblocked version of the game you need to visit a game website that offers this option. It’s that simple and it’s free!

Head Soccer Unblocked • Play Big Head Soccer Game Online

Other Versions of the Game

The game has become so popular that they’ve released a Head Soccer 2 and a Sports Heads Football Championship game, that are double the fun. It’s been said that Sports Heads Football Championship is one of the most addictive and intense football games ever. You get to choose your favorite Premier League team and win the championships. The player that scores most goals in one minute is the winner.

If you’re into casual games, especially fun, sports games, this one is a great choice. Do you know how they say that simple things in life are the best? Sports head soccer is definitely proof of that. Play the game for free and for as long as you’d like, but be careful – it can be extremely addictive!